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The men's ministry is a group where you will be confronted with the life of Jesus Christ, where you will be challenged to live like Him, where the Holy Spirit will renew your being and free your will and thus your potential to be an instrument in the hands of God will be unleashed and harnessed for His purposes in your family and the community. It is the place where God will raise you to be the spiritual leader in your home, a loving husband, a committed father or an exemplary child, demonstrating faith, obedience and purity.


We are a multi-generational group ointegrating fathers and their teenage children that seek to grow to the stature of the perfect man: Jesus Christ. We operate via seminars, workshops and projects that drive us to action. Be a part of this group of valient men! Our reunions are Saturdays at 8:00 am. For more information, write to us at: varones@centroiglesia.org