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We are committed to the vision of Jesus Christ that was embodied in the Great Commandment and the Grand Commission, and the social responsibility that was likewise imparted to us; to deliver the gospel to every person. We communicate the message of Christ to revolutionize lives, the culture and our society. In Iglesia Centro we motivate every person to discover their purpose within the church: to be a blessing and inherit blessing, following the example of Jesus Christ in service and love to our neighbour.


We develop different programs such as: Alphabetisation, INEA for primary and secondary school, Proyecto Ayudarte, Dando Dando: the delivery of toys, food, clothing and household necessities, Visitation, Evangelistic breakfasts, talks between fathers and students directed at forming values, Casas de Salvación, Teen Nights, amongst many others!


We invite you to convert into a communicator of the gospel in word and deed! For more information, write to us at: info@iglesiacentro.org